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1. Turner Party Of Eight

Welcome! I am Kay and this blog is a closer look into the Turner family life. I am here to share as we embark on our new journey as a home school. I spent many years as an early childhood educator and during that time I completed my Associates degree in the field. When I decided to go back to school for my Bachelors and teacher licensure, I transitioned into the role of stay at home mom. I took the leap fearfully and now that we're here I couldn't imagine it any other way.

  1. Meet Christopher! Better known as Cam. This kid is already 7 years old! Where does time go? He's my oldest and most inquisitive child. He is also my shy child. He has a pet gecko that he adores but he also has a love for all animals. He will be starting home school this year as a second grader.

2. Meet Ava Rae! Ava just recently turned 5. She is our work of ART. She has a love of all things dance, theater, and performance. She loves color, music, stuffed animals. She is all about self expression and you can see it in her outfit choices each day. Ava is outgoing and always ready to make a friend. She will start home school this year as a Kindergartner.

3. Meet Lucas! He is our 2 year old fireball. Lucas is so sweet and thrives on hugs and cuddles. He is all about independence and loves tinkering. He is learning to navigate the world and we are learning to understand his world after his recent Autism diagnosis.

4. Meet Savannah! She is our youngest and most adventurous little one. She loves to be active and get messy. Savannah enjoys the outdoors and is just a free spirit.

5. Meet our pups! Brasi is our blue eyed baby boy. He is full of energy and keeps the kids busy.

6. Daisy is our brindle baby girl. She enjoys naps and snuggles.

7 and 8. Meet the parents! Kay and Walter! Walter spends the week working at the hospital while I hold down the house. We spend our weekends together as a family. Me and Walter have been married for nearly six years now. Married at just 22 years old, and him 23, we had no idea we'd evolve into a family of EIGHT!! I hope you enjoy our journey as much as we are.

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