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12. ABC Bean Bingo

Today we put a new twist on traditional Bingo, turning it into a sensory experience! Because we used ABC's, it helped Ava work on her letter recognition. Instead of using markers for the spaces or making check marks, the kids had to trace the upper and lower case letters of each space. This helped them both work on their writing skills and helped with upper and lowercase recognition. My kids also seem to enjoy sensory experiences more than other types, so having to get hands-in to a bin of beans to find the letters kept them engaged.


  • ABC Letters (we used a set of magnetic letters)

  • Beans (we used two bags of beans we had on hand)

  • Bingo Cards (created using )

  • A Dish/Bin (to hold the beans and letters)


  • Laminator, Laminating Paper, Expo Markers (I laminated the bingo cards and used expo markers so the cards could be reused. However the site above creates a PDF of 30 free unique bingo cards so this can be played quite a few times even if you choose not to laminate)


While this activity was appropriate for a range of ages starting at 5 (Ava) up to 8 (Cam), It was not age appropriate for Lucas (3). Homeschooling multiple kids at different ages and stages requires some creativity though. I kept Lucas busy at the same time by giving him his own expo marker and a magnetic white board. On the board, I spelled out his name and he drew freely but also tried to write the letters of his name as well as called them out. You can hear him excitedly in the video (mostly behind the scenes) calling out his own letters. Throughout the video, you can see the kids get more and more excited until Christopher falls to the ground with a dramatic "I'm toast!" when he realizes Ava had BINGO! Now that the big kids have gotten the hang of it, it's something they can play independently while I work with Lucas and Savannah.


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