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18. Homeschool Freebies: Report Cards and Progress Reports

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

As an Early Childhood Educator, I am no stranger to creating documents and lesson planning. I am however new to this homeschool thing. As I create things for our family, I want to continue to put them out there for others too. I love a good free printable but I have found that it is hard to find free printables that have exactly what I'm looking for. So I created two documents that you can download free. One that is pre-filled exactly as we will use the report card and progress report and the other with blank areas so you can tailor them to your homeschool needs. Click HERE to get your copies or scroll down to the bottom.



Report Card: I admittedly have an aversion to the idea that a child that is struggling to grasp certain concepts, especially at earlier ages, is failing. So I left that out in favor of "entering". If a child has zero knowledge of a certain subject, they aren't failing. In my opinion, that's an indicator they they are still just entering into the topic or subject matter. When young children aren't understanding it isn't because they have failed but instead its typically because the way they have been taught is failing them. The subjects included line up with those from our weekly schedule. I also like to add a signature line for myself and for my kids. It requires some accountability from everyone to acknowledge that we see where we are in our educational journey.

Progress Report: I used one of the grading scales from the report card just to keep things uniform. All of the main subjects are also the same. I did however, break down character building into some of the character traits that are important to me that the kids learn. Instead of extracurriculars, I used the term enrichment. All semantics really, but I feel like these areas are not "extra" but instead equally as important as the core subject areas. They enrich a child's educational journey and can prepare them for trade careers and/or hobbies. I am aiming to give them as many options as possible for their adult life.



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