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20. Pre-K & Kindergarten Alphabet Workbook

Updated: Feb 19, 2021


I'm working with both Lucas, my early preschooler, and Ava, my new kindergartner, on their pre-writing and pre-reading skills. So I have spent the last couple of days creating a workbook for them and its now listed in my shop for along with some other awesome printables!

I tackled 3 major areas in this workbook.

  1. Letter recognition as a pre-reading skill

  2. Practice with letter sounds so children can begin to work towards reading.

  3. Tracing to strengthen fine motor skills and work towards writing out their letters.

Also, coloring the pictures and trying to stay in the lines allows children to build their fine motor skills while having a space to practice writing their letters independently, in addition to tracing, can help build a child's independence and confidence in their work.

Below are some sample pages from the 26 page workbook and it can be downloaded here.


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