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22. The ABCs of Calming Down

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

This set is a staple in our home now and available in my shop. It was one that took a lot of thought and effort. When looking for flash cards for calming down, I found so so many but they were all so colorful and detailed and just... busy. The complete opposite of the calm down vibe I was looking for.

Lucas has taught me a lot through his autism. I have had to be more intentional about the resources we use. I wanted colors because they’re still kids. But the bold colors and big detailed pictures are stimulating for children which can have the total opposite effect on them instead of calming. So, I was very intentional on creating these, choosing simple images and white flash cards without too much color on each card. I also wanted something I could use with the kids, but with the goal that they would eventually be used independently. My hope is that they will be a resource in the classroom that the children can go to on their own when they are dealing with big emotions and flip through them choosing their own activities to calm down.

While they have been great for all of the kids, they have already been really helpful for Lucas to help regulate his emotions and calm him when he’s dealing with a sensory overload. I also went with an ABC theme to help the younger ones work on letter recognition and letter sounds. I hope that they can be as helpful for you all as they have been for me and my children.

Below are some sample pages from this 13 page set that can be downloaded here.


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