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23. 96 Sight Words Flashcard Download

This year Ava is beginning Kindergarten, which means it's time to teach her to read! We do a lot of reading in the house already which goes a long way towards helping little ones learn to read but also towards instilling a love of reading into your children. But many parents wonder, "What else can I do". Sight words are a great place to start! Sight words are words your child will learn to recognize on sight, some of which sound very different than the way they are spelled.

Did you know that the average number of sight words a child is expected to know by the end of kindergarten is around 50 words?

I created a set of sight word flashcards that include 96 sight words that can be downloaded HERE. This list certainly isn't an exhaustive list, so I also added a sheet at the end with blank flashcards that you can use to add in any others you'd like to work on.

If you don't have any other words to add, you can actually laminate the blank sheet (though I recommend laminating the entire set) without writing on it. Once laminated, it can be used with dry erase markers and they can be used for practice writing instead. The blank sheet can be copied or printed as many times as you need for either additional sight words or for bank flash cards for writing practice.

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