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29. Holiday Theme for Homeschool

Honestly I didn’t think this year was ever going to end! It’s been one heck of a roller coaster ride for us. We took just as many losses as we had gains. But, here we are in December! Homeschool has also been going strong and the kids are so excited (and me too!) for winter and holiday themed work and activities. So, today I’m here to share with you the Winter Workbook and flash cards I created!


This preschool-early elementary workbook focuses on:

  1. Math Skills: Counting, Same & Different, Problem Solving, Matching, Number Recognition, Color Recognition

  2. Fine Motor Skills: Coloring & Cutting

  3. Writing Practice: Name and Numbers

  4. Pre-Reading Skills: Written labels and directions, Printed Numbers, and Page Turning

This workbook has already been a hit with my Kindergartener and Preschooler. While my toddler just enjoys scribbling on the pages, I use it as an opportunity to teach her by pointing out and encouraging number and color recognition. I also use it to teach her different winter themed words, discuss winter weather, and build her expressive language skills.

My second grader uses it for practicing and reviewing knowledge he already has but also an opportunity to use his imagination and creativity through art with the different coloring pages. We also use implement the worksheets a little differently in order to make it a bit more challenging for him. While I encourage my Kindergarten to answer the counting questions by writing the number (3), I ask my 2nd grader to answer the math questions by writing the number word (three).

In addition to the workbook, I have also created some winter themed flash cards (see a few of them below) to help build the younger children’s vocabulary but also to help my older children with reading and writing. I recommend laminating these cards! I flipped through them with my little ones and with my older ones, I gave them a dry erase marker to trace over the words with. These two resources will be a staple for us this month but keep your eye out! I will also be updating over the month with additional resources. You can download both of these resources here!

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