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3. Beat The Heat

We’ve been trying to get out outdoor activities done early in the morning or later in the evening. This helps us all beat the summer heat. We kicked off our day with water painting. I love it because it’s child led and appropriate for a variety of ages. I say out a bowl of water, a few canvas’, and some water paint pallets. I didn’t have to say anything the kids ran over with excitement. This activity was especially helpful for strengthening fine motor skills which they all needed because:

  • Savannah (1) is still building fine motor skills. 

  • Lucas (2) is on the spectrum and he struggles with his fine motor skills.

  • Ava (5) is working on learning to hold a pencil and writing. 

  • Cam (7) is working on sharpening his handwriting skills. 

Art has also been a way for the kids to express themselves and now their feelings throughout the wave of emotions caused by socially distant life in a pandemic. Ava painted an apple tree letting me know she missed being able to visit the farm. Cam painted the sunset explaining that he liked the colors because it makes him feel more calm. 


Can you guess whose is whose?

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