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32. Children's Valentines Day Printables!

February is near and love is in the air! Click Here to find the digital download to my Valentine's Day activity packet for preschool and early elementary children! You know what I love about being able to offer digital downloads? Once you download, them they are immediately available for printing! No shipping and no wait! By now, many of you know that I am a homeschool mama teaching preschool through second grade. And, my expertise is early childcare education (ages 0 through 8 years old). Because of this I like to create printable packets for kids throughout that age range. Accessing the digital download lets you choose which pages you want and you can print as many as you like. So keep reading to find out what's in this holiday packet.

Since we're talking Valentine's Day, I'll tell you what else I love. I absolutely LOVE my field because I love being able to give children,

A Love of Learning


This workbook starts of course with a front cover for children to write their names and claim the packet as their own. Then on the first page we jump straight into Valentine's day with a simple activity that allows children to think about who they love. The instructions are simple. "Fill in the hearts with the people you love". I was intentional about not specifying how to fill in the hearts. This leaves room for the worksheet to serve a variety of learners. Younger children can fill in the hearts with pictures of their loved ones. Older children can fill in the heart by writing the names of their loved ones. If you want to get creative, children can cut out family pictures and paste them into the hearts. I wanted to offer clear instruction but leave room for some fun and creativity.

Moving along, on the next page, we talk about how we love. While this may seem simple, its a tool for us. It gives children an opportunity to express how they show love and how they receive love. That's helpful for us as caregivers to know. We all have different love languages. Showing love can be through physical touch like a hug and high five. It can be helping someone else, acts of service. It might look like giving a compliment, words of affirmation. For others it might be presents, gift giving. The children's answers can help caregivers create meaningful relationships with children to help them feel loved, valued, and supported in their learning environment.

Flipping forward, we work on a love of literacy, with one of my favorite activities! Word search! All of the answers to this puzzle are let to right. This makes them a little easier to find and helps reinforce for children that reading happens from left to right. And, of course they are all theme related.

On the next page, children get to exercise and strengthen their fine motor skills by cutting out the hearts. Older children can get a little more of a challenge by cutting out the hearts and younger children can complete this activity by cutting out the boxes. On the second page of this activity, children will continue using fine motor skills by pasting their cut out hearts onto the white space on the candy box. Caregivers can also take this opportunity to encourage mathematical skills by getting children to count as they paste and by counting how many hearts they could fit in the box when they are done. Literacy can also be encouraged my allowing older children to write messages on the candy hearts.

On the next page, children have the opportunity to complete the maze by counting to 10 and following the hearts to their school Valentine's Day party. As we flip on the next page, we keep on encouraging the love of math. This sheet gives children an opportunity to work on some addition and subtraction.

The last two pages encourage a love of art and creative expression. The first of the two is a simple coloring page of a teddy bear. The last page in this activity book is an opportunity for children to create a Valentine's Day card. It can be created however the child desires. Whether through drawing, writing, or both. If you have some fun art supplies, I have found stamping and pasting a variety of art materials to be a fun addition. Children can simply remove this sheet from the packet and share with those they've made the card for.

I put a lot of love into these printables so, if you enjoyed this, don't forget to let me know by hitting the heart down below! I look forward to any feedback. Please feel free to drop a comment below and subscribe to stay in the loop for more children's printables. I love hearing from you all about what worked and didn't work for your little ones.

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