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37. Small Business Saturday: SiLeone Accessories

My first small business Saturday highlights SiLeone Accessories. With 4 kids all close in age, I have yet to not have a toddler in the last nine years. So jewelry has been a hard pass. I don't even know how to wear jewelry anymore. Luckily, I stumbled upon SiLeone Accessories. Her jewelry is all just $5 a pair (necklace and matching earrings). My first thought was this is great because my toddlers will eventually destroy them right out of my ears or off my neck. Of course I was right and my 3yo snagged my necklace from my neck and beads were everywhere.

I wrote Sierra to let her know I wouldn't be able to leave a review with a picture in the jewelry and to my surprise she let me know that they do all jewelry repairs FREE of charge. Whaaaaaat??? I sent my jewelry back to her and she fixed it and sent it right back! I was so excited about the affordability and the customer service, I went to her facebook business page to leave a review and got caught up scrolling. Her tip of the day drew me in and I was hooked. I am so simple with my accessories because as I mentioned its been so long I barely know how to accessorize. The tip of the day has been so helpful giving me the confidence I need to mix and match pieces and colors and try more daring and dramatic looks.

Now, I also am going to add that I have super sensitive skin and this is $5 jewelry we're talking about so I expected I was going to have to take it out after short periods of time. Wrong, AGAIN! It is lead and nickle free! I haven't had any itchy ears or green fingers. Even my white gold wedding set will both me when wet so I was stunned to be able to keep SiLeone Accessories jewelry on with out any issues.

As I have gotten to know Sierra and learn her story, not only am I excited for her business for my own benefit, I am excited to be supporting her as a person. She is a single mom to four kids in the middle of a divorce. With no help she struggled through providing and caring for her kids until the world was shaken by covid only a year after being left alone. As if the pandemic hit wasn't hard enough, two of her kids were diagnosed with special needs the same year. That's when she began her business, SiLeone Accessories. She needed to be able to support her family financially but she needed to be home and present for virtual schooling and virtual therapies and a variety of doctors appointments for her children.

The real love in supporting a small business is having the opportunity to support the people and families behind them.

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