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4. Helpless In Healthcare

No matter how much I hear it, the word abnormal being used to describe my daughter, in any way, never gets easier because in my eyes she is fearfully and wonderfully made, perfect.

Today Savannah had her orthopedic x-rays for her abnormal gait. I find the hardest part about navigating concerns with my kids health is always the not knowing. We did few weeks of physical therapy before being referred to orthopedics. The expectation was that the x-rays would provide clarification for next steps. Unfortunately, this appointment left us with no answers and feeling more unsure. We know Savannah has internal tibial torsion and metatarsus adductus. Simply put, she’s very bowlegged to the point of concern. The physical therapist wants to intervene to prevent it from getting worse and now we have an orthopedist who wants to wait and see. The pediatrician said shoes will help, while the physical therapist said no shoes. One pediatrician is pushing for braces while another says she might grow out of it on her own. What do we do with professionals who don’t agree? We don’t know how to proceed. We rely on professional opinions but again they have left us feel helpless.

After her week long hospital stay for failure to thrive a few months back and being discharged with no real answers, we are struggling to believe the benefits of these interventions outweigh the stress. For us and for Savannah.

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