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41. The First Step After A Diagnosis

One of the questions I always get asked is what did you do when you got your kids diagnosis.

Cried of course!

I bawled my eyes out for days. Not because my kids had gotten an autism diagnosis. Not a single thing changed about my children or our lives at all in that moment. I cried because I know that to much of the world believes that different is less. I cried thinking of what kind of people my kids would have to face and the battles they may have to fight.

I cried because I questioned if I was a good enough mother to meet their needs and to fight those battles alongside them in the way they needed.

I cried because Google told me all of the things my kids may never do and all of the ways life would be more difficult for them.

I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore and then I took my first step. I began to join communities of people and parents who had autism and who had sensory processing challenges. And in those communities I listened and I learned and so many people helped me as I took my next step and then the next and the next.

Now my children have access to so many supports to help them get what they need. Now I can and have helped others take their first step. Whatever that may be. Now, I can be community for those who need it 💞

It’s so important no matter what you’re facing in life not to get stuck. It’s especially important when it pertains to parenting. We cannot afford to stay stuck. You feel your feelings and you embrace those feelings whatever they may be. But then, you take your first step. And you keep moving forward until you get what you need to be where you need to be. To be the parent that your children need you to be.

Yes, there will be set backs. There may be more tears. There may be missteps and you’ll try some things that don’t work. Don’t let it stop you. Keep going. Progress not perfection, right?

If you needed a sign, this is for you. Take that first step. You got this.

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