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43. Learn to Encourage Scientific Exploration with a Water Table and Why Water Play is so Beneficial

Splashing, pouring, and submerging, water play taps into children's senses to get them engaged and learning. Whether it’s the pool, beach, lake, or right at the table in a sensory bin watch your children become immersed in the play experience and benefits of water play!

By providing tools like droppers, cups, buckets, and funnels children can strengthen fine motor skills which help them master other skills like fastening buttons, zipping coats, turning pages, eating with utensils, and even handwriting.

You can encourage a child’s interest in science and establish a strong foundation of science skills and understanding. By adding a mix of things that sink with things that float. Adding in ice allows children to explore and discover changes in temperature and different states of matter.

Not only is water play beneficial for children, its beneficial for us too! Water play is so engaging for children it helps to improve focus and concentration. The development of this skill can allow children to stay entertained independent of parents and caregivers, giving you some extra time to spend on that thing you haven't been able to make time for! Enjoy!

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