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45. Holiday Gift Idea for Young Children 2021

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Christmas is coming! Its the season for caroling and putting up Christmas trees. Also the season of frantically trying to figure out what to put under those trees. Little ones can be especially can be hard to shop for. They aren't old enough to write lists and often don't even know what to ask for. My six year old asked for a unicorn she can fly on that sprinkles a trail of real marshmallows! A child's imagination is often so much bigger than simply writing a list of toys on paper. And while the youngest and most imaginative of minds cant just write out a simple list of traditional store box toys, the list of toy options keeps growing and growing!

For years we piled toys under the tree only to find that just a week later they were no longer of any interest to the kids. But baking cookies together, decorating the tree, visiting family, and Christmas light shows always bring joy and excitement my kids never forget.

It seems the morning of, rushing down the stairs and ripping through wrapping paper is more joyous for them than the actual gifts we spend hours putting batteries into, putting together, and wrapping up.

This quote has transformed my thinking when Christmas shopping. Not only for the children in my family but for the adults too. I strive now to gift experiences. It has also been a guiding principal in the way I design Kay for Kids products. They are not simply toys but play experiences. They are not powered by batteries but by imagination and interaction.

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