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5. Homeschool Freebies

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

I spent some time this weekend creating homeschool binders for Cam and Ava. I created some resources to include in the binders to help get us through the school year prepared and encouraged. I wanted to share these resources with you. Click HERE or on the button below to get these printables free!

In the free binder pack, you will receive:

  1. Morning Checklist

  2. Positive Affirmations

  3. Educational Encouragement

  4. Weekly Schedule

  5. Calendar Attendance sheet

  6. Reading log

I created a video to explain how we were using the sheets and give some tips. For example, I recommend laminating the morning checklist for children to check off with an expo marker to save paper and ink. We're still a month out from school and I've already gone through paper and ink like crazy! I also recommend printing the Educational encouragement front to back and laminating that sheet as well as the positive affirmations so they can last the entire school year and maybe longer. For more videos check out my channel and like, subscribe, and share!

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