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16. Adoption Anniversary

For those of you who don't know, I started my motherhood journey single after Cams biological father opted out of his life. It used to be hard for me to talk about and I never would have imagined getting to place where i could write about it publicly. Thankfully, here I am. Walter met Cam shortly after his second birthday. With little effort, they clicked instantly. Christopher has never met his bio dad. Though he knows he's adopted (I don't think he fully understands what that means), Walter is the only father he has ever known.

From my own perspective, the entire thing was frightening. What if we didn't work out? What if they didn't connect? Would Cam call him dad? But we just let things happen naturally at their own pace. He was so excited to have a Dad and, without any encouragement, made the choice to call Walter Daddy on his own. We spent many weekends traveling to and from Ft. Stewart Georgia to visit Walter. He was still enlisted at that time so it was a long distance relationship. After Walter moved home and we got married, my name changed. A year into marriage we had Ava Rae. It wasn't until Cam had gotten a little older that he had a different last name. A challenge I knew would come but was still not ready for.

Fast forward to August 4th 2018, after years of conversations, Walter had officially adopted Cam. So today makes it our one year Adoption Anniversary. Having a blended family was not easy to navigate. And as Cam gets older and the conversations about what him adopted get a little deeper, I know that there are still many challenges to come. Even so, we choose to celebrate this day because it is a blessing to have been able to come together and be a family against so many odds. I am thankful have found a partner that loves, not MY son, but OUR son.


This round of the fishbowl focused on what a blended family means for us. We talked about feelings, concerns, expectations, struggles, pressure, and stereotypes. The conversation was an emotional one and there were a few times I had to hold back tears. Although we have an amazing and loving family now, bringing back up those old emotions and insecurities still stings to this day. Because this topic was straight from the heart, outside of splitting the video into two parts, I didn't edit it at all. These were our unfiltered, raw, and real answers. I'm sure we didn't say everything in the "right" or most eloquent way but I a always open to conversations and thoughts, so please feel free to comment!


Part 1

Part 2

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