This attractive and unique kit contains everything you need to support your children in learning how to control their emotions. The idea behind the kit is to teach your children to identify their emotions in a more positive manner and to help them learn how to remedy the consequences of an appropriate behavior. Who said that supporting our children in their emotional development was not fun?



  • Equips parents so that they can support their child in a concrete way during emotional outbursts.
  • Helps to prevent stress and anxiety.
  • Highly contributes to the development of the child’s self- esteem.
  • Promotes parent-child cooperation



  • 1 booklet with 13 pictograms each representing an emotion (front and back/French and English)
  • 1 anger/sadness plush toy with its “Go away” bag to make the emotion disappear
  • 1 box containing 12 bandaids with a repair gesture idea (front and back/French and English)
  • 1 anti-stress cube dice with 6 actions to help control the emotions
  • 20 anger voucher sheets to crumple up
  • 1 hourglass
  • 1 guide (front and back/French and English)

Calm Down Kit, Emotions & Behavior management tool for kids