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Kay for Kids Discovery Bottles foster children’s imaginations and satisfy their curiosity by giving them a peek into themed bottles full of dancing charms and sparkles. Discovery bottles help children strengthen their cognitive development through look and find play. 


Kay for Kids Discovery bottles are also calming for children. They are especially beneficial to children with Autism, ADD/ADHD, and Anxiety. The combination of colors and textures capture a child’s attention encouraging focus. It encourages children to concentrate on the bottle, quieting the world around them, and allowing them to calm.


Kay for Kids Ocean Discovery bottles utilize tactile, kinetic, visual, and auditory stimulus to both engage and calm children. In this discovery bottle you will find seven sea trinkets drifting amongst tiny seashells and crushed crystal quartz.


Create beautiful waves with a gentle twist and turn of this discovery bottle. Or, shake it up and listen to the quartz and shells collide. Then watch as the bubbles settle and the ocean calms.


These bottles are sealed for mess free play making them a perfect traveling, calming, sensory experience.  

Ocean Discovery Bottles

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