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Our Story

As an early educator, I have spent years in the classroom creating and implementing sensory experiences. I created Kay for Kids when I had to bring those experiences home.

 As toddlers, two of my children were diagnosed with both Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder. Navigating resources for two children with the same diagnosis but completely different needs was one the toughest challenges we had to face as parents. When the COVID19 pandemic forced schools and therapies to go virtual, we had to develop and create the sensory experiences they need for regulation and education at home. Fast forward a year and my oldest at nine was diagnosed with autism as well.

I love that so much learning happens with sensory experiences but even more so, I love that it also meets the needs of children developing atypically. Activating all of the senses allows for differentiated learning so that a variety of learners can benefit from the same learning experience. They are fun, educational, and inclusive!


Through Kay for Kids, we are excited to share these sensory experiences with you.

Meet The Team

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