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35. Free Give Away for Your Little Genius

Kay for Kids has been busy! We've been working tirelessly on launching our business expansion. In the meantime, Valentine's Day is coming! We wanted to take this time to give the gift of fostering a love of learning in children. We want to give you the chance to win an Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit.

So, lets start with "What is the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit". This was our first Osmo set. We were gifted this set on Christmas and immediately feel in love. It has been an amazing supplementation to our homeschool curriculum. You can check it out HERE on amazon. Or, scroll to the bottom for our video review!

This set comes with 4 apps (free)

  1. ABC's

  2. Squiggle Magic

  3. Costume Party

  4. Stories

At first glance, this definitely looked to me like just another tablet game but I was SO wrong! It comes with different pieces and parts which keeps it hands on versus just scrolling and playing on the iPad. The real magic of the Osmo are the magic mat and the tablet reflector. These two parts come together to pull the child's creations from the mat and display them on the tablet where they can move and dance.

ABC's and Squiggle Magic

Just like the name, the ABC's game teaches the alphabet. It also covers letter sounds, teaching phonics. Squiggle Magic gives children a chance to create different tools using the silicone sticks and rings to help different characters. Both activities are hands on and are STEM activities. They give children a chance to use basic shapes, from different sticks and rings, to create new things.

Costume Party and Stories

Costume Party and Stories both use the same parts. It comes with a character/person on a small flip board and matching clothing and accessory pieces. In costume party, children learn the mathematical skills of sorting and matching. The character on the iPad requests specific outfits and your child sorts through the pieces to find and match the right one. It also teaches color recognition because the character will request different colors for the outfit pieces and children will use the different paint brushes to match. In the Stories game, children strengthen their problem solving skills by choosing outfits that help solve different problems that arise (as seen in the video below).

So this was just the beginning of our Osmo journey, as we have since added to our Osmo collection. We now have the Osmo Super Studio Disney Frozen 2, Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons, Detective Agency, and Pizza Co. We have really come to love these and I hope that you will too. The best part of the Osmo for me has been seeing how much my littles enjoy it. I strive to always give them a love for learning and Osmo has helped with that. To enter into the give away, first subscribe to our site and then please visit our Facebook page for the details!

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