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38. Children's Books Now Available

Talk about milestones! This year has been huge for us already. We have reached a new milestone! Kay for Kids has published two books written by the amazing WL Turner. Both are now available on Amazon as both e-books and print versions.


How Do Butterflies Get Their Wings

The first book of his, "How Do Butterflies Get Their Wings", is a magical story about the travels of butterflies and the beauty of their wings. It also includes some fun facts like the migration of Monarch butterflies. Its a perfect bedtime story for little ones! Click HERE to take a peek inside!

Play With Me Colors

The second book is, "Play With Me: Colors". This one is definitely a favorite in our home already. With two toddlers, we are working on learning color recognition and with our two older kids working on how to take care of our things and put them away when we are done. This book talks about both! But of course we aim to keep things fun, so the children are learning these things while exploring the different toys in the toy box and the imaginative ways to play with them.

This book is also the first of a series! While the focus of this one is colors, the books coming soon will each focus on different learning areas like shapes, numbers, phonics, and letter recognition. Click HERE and peek inside the book! Don't forget to follow the author on Amazon to stay updated on new releases!

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