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15. Happy Birthday Lucas

Today Lucas turns 3! I can't even believe how much he's grown and how fast it feels like its has gone by. He was my tiny preemie and now he's my big boy. We celebrated this weekend as much as coronavirus would allow. We spent Saturday at the Lazy 5 ranch (drive through safari) and he enjoyed petting and feeding the animals through the window. Sunday we spent at the drive in theater (Raleigh Road Outdoor Theater) watching Shrek, joined by family in their own cars. He had a cake on Sunday but his excitement stopped at blowing the candles out and he had zero interest in eating any cake. So, this morning he had his favorite food, pancakes, stacked with candles.

Now that the birthday fun has wrapped up, the reality of the struggles that come with his aging up have kicked in. Turning three means aging out of Early Intervention. Because of coronavirus, that means transitioning out of early intervention without the option of transitioning into the public school EC program. Setting up services completely falls on us now. Getting new services, finding resources, and making sure he's learning are solely our responsibility now, and will stay that way because we've transitioned to homeschooling.

It has also been super tough realizing how far he is from potty training. At the store this weekend, I looked at the pull ups and put them in my cart and then put them back. It was a hard pill to swallow coming to terms with, despite what progress he has made, there's still quite a way to go. When I imagined what motherhood would be I never thought it would be fighting tears in Foodlion over pull-ups.

After a pep talk in the car though, I pulled myself together and he just had the best birthday. He was so excited by everyone else's excitement and all of the birthday treats!


No celebratory weekend is complete without a little drama though, right? We bought Lucas a bike for his birthday and Cam wanted to be helpful and cut the tag off. Well, he thought the biggest knife in the house was better than scissors and before I could say stop he had cut into his arm. But Dad to the rescue! Walter got him wrapped up and to urgent care and he was stitched up and home in time to make it to the drive in movie.

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