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8. Under Our Skin

Over this past weekend, Cam asked how babies get inside my body. 😧 Talk about unprepared! I told him that before we can learn about how babies are conceived we need to learn about our own bodies. So over the last two days we have been using “The Children’s Atlas of the Human Body” by Richard Walker to learn about the human body. We will continue this lesson for as long as the children are interested until we get to hormones and conception to answer Cams big question.

I recorded our lessons to share and so far we have covered:

  1. The Muscles

  2. The Nerves

  3. The Brain

  4. The Urinary System

  5. The Lungs


What I missed on camera was a later conversation that sparked from what we learned about the brain. In our video we talked about the sensory part of the brain and later when Lucas fell and got hurt but didn’t react we talked about his pain tolerance and how because he has autism the sensory part of his brain processes some sensory stimulus differently. I am really excited by how what we learned this morning later became a new conversation that helped to explain to them a little more about how his diagnosis impacts him.


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